Too Far Gone Records Putting Together Modest Mouse Cover Comp

Too Far Gone Records is putting together a new charity compilation with a bit of a twist compared to past comps. This time, the comp will be made up entirely of covers of Modest Mouse songs. There's been plenty of interest already, but if you're interested, you can send a cover to

Place Called Home's "Summer Violence" Coming to Vinyl

Place Called Home's latest album, titled Summer Violence, is coming to 12” vinyl courtesy of a handful of independent labels. Dingleberry Records (Germany), Not Punk Records, Ronald Records, and Sad Panda Records (UK) will be co-releasing the album, which released on April 23 of this year. The vinyl copies will be up for pre-order in October and will be split into two variants with new artwork. The album is also available from Ronald Records on cassette.

The Venetia Fair Heading on Tour with Hail the Sun, Stolas, and Icarus the Owl

The Venetia Fair will be heading out on tour with Hail the Sun, Stolas, and Icarus the Owl for a handful of dates. Check out the tour routing after the break and order tickets here.

Pre-Orders Available for The Republic of Wolves' "In The House of Dust" at Ronald Records

With another week comes another cassette pre-order from Long Island band The Republic of Wolves and Ronald Records. This week's release is In the House of Dust.”

Pre-Orders for Crisis Arm "Caterwaul" Cassettes Now Available

Crisis Arm, a shoegaze band from Hemet, California, has partnered with Ronald Records to release a series of its albums on cassette. The first in the series, Caterwaul, will be released on limited edition, hand-numbered black cassettes. Caterwaul is limited to 25 copies. Pre-orders are up now at If you haven't heard the album, we have it streaming after the break along with information about the rest of the band's cassette releases and a mockup of this cassette.


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